Hello Kitty Mascara Guard & Update

Price: $6.70 from Sasa.com

This Hello Kitty mascara guard protects the skin around your eye area from smudging when applying mascara. It has two curved sections to fit your top and bottom lashes and it also comes with two comb sizes for brushing clumps out.

Pros: less smudging, quick application, can quickly comb through clumps, easy to clean, good size to fit in your makeup bag.

Cons: the dark purple makes it hard to see where your lashes are, can smudge the mascara if you're not careful, have to clean it after use, eyes can feel tired when using it on the top lash (I think it's just me though).

I'm a very clumsy person sometimes when it comes to applying mascara, if I'm really in a rush I tend to smudge my mascara everywhere. You can see what I mean in the top-right photo.

My first test I decided to use the Zoom Lash mascara by M.A.C because it's easier for me to mess up with this wand. If you compare the top-right and bottom-left photos, you can see how my bottom lashes look much better. I'm not so sure about the top lashes because this mascara doesn't work so well for me.

To give you a better result, I used the Dolly Wink mascara which enhances my lashes really well in the bottom-right photo. Hardly any smudges and I applied the mascara really quickly too!

It's been so so long since my last update, and I do apologize for not spamming your blog feed hahaha. Well I was ill before Christmas and that made me feel lazy to do anything..! I spent Christmas with my boyfriend's family for the first time and on NYE my boyfriend and I watched the fireworks on TV. It's been awhile since I stayed home in Sydney for Christmas and New Years so it was nice for a change!

I now own a body lotion from Chloe! The same auntie who gave me the lotion also gave me the perfume few years back. I'm in love with the body lotion more than the perfume because it has a sweeter scent and less alcohol it seems. Hopefully I can collect more Chloe fragrances but lately I've been eying that Marc Jacob's perfume Oh Lola! which has a nice fruity scent.  

 Bought a couple of new shorts - I was just playing around with my camera settings that day :3

More random shots... Since I've been feeling so blue and ill lately I made soup for dinner. I love me a warm bowl of soup and Pokemon.

Lastly, the one thing that's been making me soo lazy is THIS. We bought a Wii-U and to top it off, I bought Animal Crossing: City Folk.. afskjfhsaf I used to be an avid AC player and now I'm obsessed with this game again. Don't know what I'll be doing when New Leaf and the 3DS is released....... I'll most likely be depressed for weeks until someone gives me the game and a 3DS lololol -notgonnahappen- Feel free to message me if you wanna hang in my town, I will make sure that I'll act all creepy when you visit ;)

Anyways, I will now end this lengthy post.

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